Auroras boreales en el norte de Noruega. Pablo Alberto DelgadoArriving in northern Norway, with the intention of capturing the best photographs of landscapes and Northern Lights, crossing the first Tromso bridge, I could see out of my car window the sea completely frozen. That image still amazes me every time I think of it. Overlapping blocks of ice for miles in a white and grey print.


For the next few days, I entered the tundra, a desolate and lonely landscape, where the ochres predominate and the silence is only broken by the sound of footsteps on the ice.


Later, I found myself surrounded by the mountains that shape the fjords, in the middle of nowhere, but surrounded by everything. Lakes, snowy peaks, sea, forests and wildlife. All this in a place where the autumn sunsets last for hours and offer violet and orange colour tones, which are reflected in the clouds as if they were painted on purpose for the image.


Finally, my wish come true: the night illuminated in green with the Northern Lights. At this special moment the hours pass as if they were minutes while the shots of the camera sound in the silence. A show that every time it happens is unrepeatable, magic is the word that can best describe how it feels like to be under the sky where this phenomenon takes place.


Ribbons of green colours of purple profiles that cross from side to side and, without any warning, disappear and leave a greenish tone in the atmosphere, not knowing when they will return and, when you no longer expect it, a green fire will ignite, charge of power and unfolds again across the sky.


In this trip we are not going to see the Musk Ox, as you can see in this other trip Norway – Musk Ox Special, since we will be in the Northern part of the country and they live in a national park further south.


In the same place we can find tundra, fjords, mountains, coniferous forests and chase the ghosts that inhabit them, such as elk or reindeer, being able to spot seals from the coast, or white-tailed eagles peering from the heights. Without forgetting, of course, the Northern Lights, that we will pursue, aided by technology, to maximize our opportunities.


Therefore, it is one of the best places to take photographs of landscapes and Northern Lights.


I hope you enjoy this gallery and that soon you can join me on a trip as magical as this one.

  • Northern ligh photo tour
  • Northern lights photo tour
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