To the east of Germany, on the opposite side of the well-known Black Forest, bordering the Czech Republic, we will find the Bavarian Forest, a large natural area in which to develop a photographic trip for the initiation of nature photography.


In all its extension we will have coniferous forests and beech trees that populate the slopes of the mountain range that runs through the National park.
Rivers, lakes, lush forests full of mosses and lichens, form landscapes that will give us the necessary difficulty to develop ourselves in the photography of natural landscape, using static elements and light (or absence) as elements for the composition.


Being in an environment, in which we will find ourselves surrounded by primary and secondary forest, with a large number of small mountain rivers, and a good number of trails to walk through these forests, will offer us the possibility of working the composition of photographs in very closed environments, in low light and with a large number of elements, which will give us the opportunity to learn how to focus on what we really see and want to photograph, how to work light in these environments, the application of multiple exposure and learning everything you need to reflect such a spectacular landscape.


In addition to this, being able to enjoy its numerous mountain and forest routes to carry out our photographic trip sessions and to know everything we can about the Bavarian Forest, we will work in the southern part of the National Park, in protected areas where we will find the possibility to photograph some animals in controlled environments within the nature parks installed in the forest itself.

En la sección de libros  podréis encontrar la  guía específica para este viaje, donde podréis ver el material, preparación y consejos de seguridad en relación al viaje, los mapas, ubicaciones, consejos y todo lo referente a cómo conseguir las mejores fotografías de estos paisajes y su fauna, desde el planteamiento al resultado.

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