When we think of nature photography, we quickly associate it with well-known destinations, but not with Slovakia, where there are many interesting places to discover.


Foreign tourists are very rare, unknown places with canyons, forests, valleys, and high mountains. What more can we ask to complete an ideal environment for photography?


When I have visited Slovakia, I have focused my photography on two great places:


The first one, the Slovak Paradise National Park, where we will find an environment of canyons and rocky walls surrounded by forest. We will be moving through gorges formed by rivers, through crossing-points, combining mainly closed environments with green valleys and watchtowers. From here we can contemplate the immense forests that populate the mountains in front of us, and from where we can photograph nature combining the tones of the vegetation with the warm colors of the sunsets.


The second, the High Tatra mountain range, where we will find a very different orography, with the predominance of the great mountains in which their summits are devoid of almost all kinds of plants due to their height and rocky composition.
From there we will see the high mountain lakes, rock walls in which cones are formed that retain the snows, which give rise to these steep peaks. And at the bottom, below, long valleys crossed by rivers, such as the Kôprová valley (the place where the bear lives in freedom).


Between both places, we will have traveled and learned what is necessary to return with knowledge and images of the highest level of landscapes without difficulties.

En la sección de libros  podréis encontrar la guía específica para este viaje, donde podréis ver el material, preparación y consejos de seguridad en relación al viaje, los mapas, ubicaciones, consejos y todo lo referente a cómo conseguir las mejores fotografías de estos paisajes y su fauna, desde el planteamiento al resultado.

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