For a long time I have worked as Director of International Projects, facing challenges in different countries, planning from idea to success and leading human teams to get the goal.


During this time I have been discovering places that previously seemed only exists in movies, places like glaciers with their special blue color, jungles where are “normal” to find boas of several meters curled up in the branch of a dry tree, mountains that can take your breath away but, when you arrive at the peak, you forget to breathe to see the immensity of the landscape that you have in front of you … And to all of them I have been accompanied by my camera, and the intention to get the best pictures possible.


Now, after all these years knowing places, manging projects and growing, in terms of technique and post-production, I lead the NaturePhotoExpeditions project, guiding small teams through the best places to capture the most incredible nature photographs, using the natural elements for composing the photographs, learning to use all the tools in our hand and, very importantly, reviewing our work and providing a personal and constructive vision to obtain the best results.


As far as photography is concerned, I am very strict and demanding both in the composition and with the final result, something that I try to transmit in each capture and that, for me, is a differentiating element in our workshops, because if we looking for the best results we will have great results, and being demanding with our framings and compositional elements we will be able to reflect all that effort in the quality of our images and in the sensations that they transmit.

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