Costa Rica is a relatively small country, with a large wooded area and a fairly reduced road network, which results in a country with many possibilities of taking wildlife and landscape photography, almost anywhere.


This photographic trip is especially aimed at all those who experience nature, who feel part of it and enjoy it. Those of us who continue to gaze at the hummingbird that passes by, who look fascinated when we see an eyelash viper and who feel tenderness at seeing a sloth with its young.


Jungle forests that host hundreds of animal species in freedom, coasts where thousands of sea turtles (make their yearly) visit each year or mountains where the mist guards jealously the Quetzal.


Costa Rica offers wonders for taking our photographs. However, the density of its forests prevents light from penetrating strongly, making it a demanding environment for photographing wildlife on the move or in many cases for focusing animals between the tree branches. Also, having so much vegetation cover, the light in the lower part is equalized, without strong lights but that forces us to use all our knowledge to obtain quality images and avoid being disappointed when seeing our results in the development sessions.


It is a privileged destination for every nature photographer, and a place where we would like to have all the time in the world to explore it with our cameras, seeing all kinds of animals and plants, which help us to get those images that reflect what can still be called nature in its purest form.


I hope you enjoy the video and gallery, and, of course, that you can join me on my next photographic trip to Costa Rica.

  • Fotografía de Colibrí en Costa Rica
  • Bosque húmedo en Costa Rica
  • Iguana de Costa Rica
  • Rana dardo de Costa Rica
  • Fotografía de Playa en el Costa Rica
  • Víbora de pestañas Costa Rica
  • Fotografía de perezoso en Costa Rica
  • Fotografía aérea bosque Costa Rica
  • Pato aguja en Costa Rica
  • Mono carablanca en Costa Rica
  • Oso hormiguero de Costa Rica
  • Fotografía de naturaleza en Costa Rica

As with all of my pictures, If you want one of them which isn’t in the print area and you want get that piece of this story, please, don’t doubt and contact me.

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