Oso Grizzly - viaje fotográfico Canadá Oeste. Pablo Alberto Delgado

Let’s put ourselves in a situation for a moment and think about where we could photograph grizzly bears.


Imagine yourself in a valley, with crystalline rivers that descend from high vertical mountains, with their snowy peaks and that on their slopes, in the spaces that are seen in the clearings of the forests, you can see large waterfalls where the white of its waters stand out on the yellows and greens of the leaves of the trees in autumn.


Next to you, in the nearby rivers, grizzly bears, bald eagles and black bears battle for the precious meat of the salmon that plague the rivers at this time, to which they have returned to reproduce and die.


We are on the west coast of Canada, between Vancouver and Alaska, where nature is present in all places in an unimaginable way.


As you can see in the travel guide dedicated to this place (with all the details of its preparation, implementation, maps, and results), in order to avoid an excessively touristy environment or places that are too adapted to human beings, I opted for a less known (not so popular) place, but as is usual in my trips I try to adapt to nature, not the other way around, and as you can see below in the gallery, for me, it was a great success.


Actually, when I first got there, despite having spent several days in the Rocky Mountains photographing squirrels, elks, moose, and coyotes, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was fantastic. Grizzly bears fishing in an environment full of possibilities for nature photography. It was like being behind the National Geographic recording team in their documentaries where we could see the big bears catching salmon.


For days, I was able to see and photograph large males strolling along the banks, young trying to get their food before the older ones arrived, mothers with young who were already very grown-up, and even a bear with her cub.


But it’s not just about capturing a spectacular image. In this place you can enjoy, photograph, and learn about sustainable nature, being human in harmony with the bear, under mutual respect and adaptation.


I hope you enjoy the gallery that I leave below and that soon you can join me on one of these trips.

  • Canada Grizzly Photo tour. Grizzly male fishing
  • Grizzly bears photo tour
  • Grizzly bears familly
  • Grizzly familly in Canada river
  • Picture of Grizzly bear cub in Canada
  • Grizzly bear fishing picture
  • Oso grizzly en Canadá
  • Grizzly bears footprints
  • fotografía de macho de oso grizzly
  • Fotografía osa grizzly en Canadá
  • Grizzly bear photo trip
  • Fotografía de un oso Grizzly en Canadá

En la sección de libros  podréis encontrar la  guía específica para este viaje, donde podréis ver el material, preparación y consejos de seguridad en relación al viaje, los mapas, ubicaciones, consejos y todo lo referente a cómo conseguir las mejores fotografías de estos paisajes y su fauna, desde el planteamiento al resultado.

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